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A large majority of the funding that we receive to operate our programs come through the State of Wisconsin "Family Care" program. An individual's eligibility to receive "Family Care" funding is based upon an assessment of their needs that is conducted by the "Aging and Disabilities Resource Center" (ADRC) located in the area that they live. Upon determination of eligibility, the individual selects a "Managed Care Organization" (MCO) to manage and pay for their needed services. Agape has contracts with several "MCOs" that reimburse us for the services that we provide to many individuals.

We also accept payment for the services through the Wisconsin "IRIS" (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) program. Similar to "Family Care", eligibility is determined through an assessment conducted by the "ADRC" but, instead of selecting an "MCO" to manage and pay for needed services, the individual and/or guardian self-direct the service plan and Agape bills "IRIS" for the services we provide.

For information regarding "Family Care" or "IRIS", contact your area "ADRC" or visit the State's website

We also accept payment for services directly from individuals that have the financial resources to "self-pay".

Since our grassroots beginning as a not-for-profit, tax exempt, 501 (c) (3) corporation, we have depended upon community support to further our mission. Donations have contributed toward the acquisition and construction of our buildings and offset operational expenses. We also graciously accept donations that assist in our efforts to help make our Participants’ dreams come true through “Project Live Your Dream”. Your tax deductible donation could assist in our continuing efforts to improve the quality of life and defend the rights of those we are entrusted to serve.

Click here to financially support Agape of Appleton