COVID-19 - CEO Response

March 18, 2020

Dear Agape Everybody,

Agape’s administrative team understands and shares your concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.  Rest assured that we are developing procedures toward addressing the latest information and requirements, which changes almost hourly.  We are taking this very seriously.
But, as you hear predictions about the financial impact this could have on various sectors of the economy, rest assured that Agape will be fine.  We are considered an “essential services” provider and based upon my contact with funding sources, our revenue will continue uninterrupted.  Agape employees will continue to have jobs and will get paid.
I understand that each of us is balancing the needs of our families along with the needs of Agape.  But closing Agape isn’t an option.  Thus, now more than ever, Agape needs you.  Also, please spread the word that we are continuing to hire.
The strength of a team isn’t found in the how it handles normal daily routines, but in overcoming adversity.  I am absolutely confident that Agape’s strengths will get our Participants through these challenging times.
Dan Witt, CEO