Project Live Your Dream is a program which celebrates every human’s right to the pursuit of happiness and to belong and participate in their community. Every year since 2011, every participant served by Agape is able to select a “dream” experience; something they have always wanted to do, see or experience, but have not been able to due to limitations of some kind, often financial. Through the powerful and generous actions of donors, Agape pairs the participants with the necessary resources to make these dreams a reality.

Dreams come true have included airplane rides, rock concerts, a trip to Great America, boating, milking a cow and many, many more. Each year some images of these dreams are made into a calendar. This project not only gives people a joyful experience and creates lasting memories; it has also revealed special interests that people have and offers connections to nurture relationships amongst all people who live in the community.

Donors have offered financial support, gifts of admission tickets, use of facilities as well as companionship. If you are interested in learning more contact us. If you are interested in donating to Project Live Your Dream, you may do so here.

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